When we think of fiber arts, often the image of a white haired older woman in a rocking chair quietly knitting away comes to mind, but this is no longer the norm.  Knitting has become a popular craft in contemporary culture and is very much socially relevant.  Knitting and crochet remain the corner stones of fiber arts for the general population though sewing and weaving are gaining ground.  The fiber arts can include knitting, crochet, tatting, dying, nalebinding, sprang, kumohimo, embroidery, lucet and spinning and many more.  

Fiber arts can create a sense of community and belonging that is often missing in our digital world.  Creating something with your hands and seeing your time actualized can be quite satisfying and self affirming .  

The fiber arts can be used by many populations to explore and expand abilities, emotionally, physically and personally.  

Knitting has gained much popularity as has crochet and sewing.  More people are selling hand made items on easy and at local craft fairs and farmer's markets bringing these arts into the main stream.